AT Pro Line

Overland or off road - maximum performance.

An elegant appication of power

The JRZ AT line successfully combines the capability of handling bumps, jumps, and terrain while dramatically improving ride or handling. Enjoy the best of both worlds while your truck does everything you ask of it.


The JRZ AT line started out on military and armored applications. It was developed to deliver the well known JRZ characteristics while performing in extreme heat, weight, and travel situations. Military clients could not get enough of the off road stability and high speed mobility. Private customers and clients kept raving about overland handling and comfort. All with the same shock design! JRZ then began developing the AT line for the performance market. Combining the performance of the original heavy duty application with the well known refinement of JRZ bolt in kits.


Smooth and fast, in every situation. Whether you are on an exit ramp or tackling trails, your truck stays flat and under control. This performance is balanced by compliance on bumps and disturbances. Durable performance that is easy to install and set up. Competitive pricing and guaranteed after sale support.

Refined and ready

Rigorous testing, feedback, and improvement leads to kits that work right out of the box. JRZ AT packages come ready to install with everything you need to get the job done. Adjustments are preset and the springs are perfectly matched to the valving. Ride heights are designed to accommodate big wheels and big travel.

Want it custom? No problem. JRZ is still a motorsport company ready to make anything required within weeks. Get in touch with us to see what is right for you and to design a kit that meets your every need.

Insights - AT Pro Line

JRZ Suspension Engineering AT Pro Line eye adjuster

Introducing and Explaining the JRZ AT Pro Line

Whether it be in road cars, race cars, or some random application a client brought them; JRZ was always good on the bumps. Their core way of making shocks is to hold up the chassis of the car while controlling the wheel & tire (unsprung) mass. When you do this, the results are almost always … Read more