Do what you do, better

Trackside Engineering for Everyone

Drive faster, more consistently, and with more confidence - while we deal with the details. We’ve created a way for professional race engineers to be available to many more racers. By solving the biggest challenge to remote trackside engineering with our platform:

Beyond Setup

We have spent our entire careers working on “setups”. In calibrations, we adapt the use of the conventional setup sheet to a moment in time. The calibration evolves over the course of time and to suit the situation. Everything from changing weather to driver confidence can be calibrated for — with one button.

The Concept

The trackside app is an easy-to-use tool for storing all your cars, setup sheets, and notes for every racetrack you attend. A core feature is the intuitive driver feedback featuring multiple choice handling feel and comprehensive comments. A chat where you can interface with real time engineers, driver coaches, and teams to help you in any area you want to improve.

Spend more time doing what you're doing, better.

  • More driving at faster lap times.
  • More focus on your students with cars they're confident in.
  • More time making sure the crew and the cars are ready.
  • More time making sure the team knows exactly what to do so you can run the race.

How It Works

How It Works

Live Calibration

Engineer in your pocket, on the red button

Transmit session reports throughout the day to make the most of your time on track.

Make progress, dial in, and catalog the day.

Chat in between to discuss the session and make a plan.

The Trackside App

Garage & Calibrations

Create and manage your cars here. We begin with getting the base information for the vehicle at hand. Make, model, class, spec. From there you can enter a starting setup. Use it as a log to track your progress, what works, and what doesn't


Learning is the path to fast. From guides to use the app to guest articles and seminars from pros. Trackside by 057 keeps you getting faster while you're at home too.

Sessions & Outings

These are the sessions you spend out on the track. Do some driving, get some heat into the tires, come back and brief with a clean, easy to use driver input system. Everything from conditions, to handling feel is easy to explain to your engineer.

Live Chat

Race engineers at your fingertips. Live chat to get your questions answered immediately.

The Red Button - Services

Access all calibration services and get the most out of trackside. Work with your teams and pros, schedule live days and get calibration updates.

for everyone

» Racers

From grassroots racers in the paddock looking for more, to racers on podiums working with their engineers across the world. Get the right answers right away

» Pros

Driver Coaches, Professional Engineers, Shop Owners, and other Pros. Help your clients by calibrating them directly, or with support from 057 engineers.

» Teams

Manage multiple pros and racers. Control how information is shared across the team, calibrate on your own or with support from 057.

» Manufacturers

Damper manufacturers, specialty vehicle manufacturers, HPDE venues, and many other types of one-to-many organizations.

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