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Everything you need to enjoy the road or take the checkers. Originally designed to win races, the JRZ damping philosophy focusing on the unsprung mass; delivers on any road you put it on. Every kit is available complete with everything you need to install.

RS Pro and Pro 3

These two designs represent the original JRZ 2 and 3 way motorsport design. The very same designs that fathered many other brands and has created winners for decades around the world. Over the years, these designs have been refined to be the best of its breed as only is creators could. Retaining the original functional intent while increasing longevity, repeatability, and ease of use & service.

-RS Pro is a remote reservoir double adjustable that has a perfect balance of adjustment range. All without taking away the ability to finely dial in the setup. The famous blow of valve design coupled with the free flowing piston ensures control without harshness.

-RS Pro 3 takes the RS Pro and adds on a low speed compression circuit. This allows some oil to move past the blow off valve before it opens. By bypassing the valve, we can separate compression adjustments for bumps and handling movements. Additionally, the oil circuit allows for small road movements, making imperfect surfaces and public roads feel much smoother.

Easily customizable or available right out of the box, we offer the solution that is right for you. Order now on our shop or get in touch and we'll make sure you end up happy.

RS One and Two

The RS Pro without the reservoir. Twin tube construction done right allows control in a small package. Originally, the JRZ 2 way (RS Pro of today) was designed to emulate a twin tube damper, which had a valve that resisted shaft movement immediately. Coming full circle on the success of that remote reservoir design; JRZ developed the RS Two and then the RS One. These were made to offer the same feel and control in a smaller, lower cost package.

-JRZ RS Two is a double adjustable, non-remote reservoir damper. The valve mechanisms are the exact same as the RS Pro, only scaled down to fit in their package. This means that

-JRZ RS One takes the compression adjustment out of the equation and replaces it with a shim stack. These shims allow very fine calibration of compression forces for the application, ensuring the out of the box results exceed expectations. The piston and the rest of the damper are the exact same as the RS Two. Rebound adjustment range is adjusted to give more flexibility in going from track to street, ensuring easy changes between the two.

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