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Our data analysis service makes real use of having a logger and video. Combining our knowledge and experience with your effort, we can magnify your results.

Squiggly lines made straight

Many racers struggle to make effective use of their logged data and video. Some look at a few points and move on, leaving opportunity on the table. Others spend large amounts of time and money to make little progress. We know because we have been there. With decades of motorsport experience, our engineers have developed processes to break through this fog. We take large amounts of information and return to you with clear, difference making answers.

Engineered - Refined - Reported

Our engineers start with gathering your information with easy to use templates and face to face communication. Then we take your data and video and start breaking it down. We use every tool available to us; from straightforward analysis, math channels, summary reporting, and simulation comparisons to isolate patterns. Narrowing each channel and track segment to highlight the pattern causes and effects. Reports are generated to show what, how much, and what to do next.


Once your report is finished - in as fast as the same day - we present to you. Explaining every facet in plain English; we give you a plan to move forward. Your report is emailed to you with a revised setup sheet to start from, as well as proposed changes to try with changing conditions. Follow up support is included to continue your improvement.

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Trackside by 057 Testimonial – Brandon in Gridlife

It is spring 2023 the flowers are blooming and we are back at the racetrack. As many of you know, we’re currently in the live beta phase of our new app: Trackside by 057. We’ve been excited by the results and these are generally best heard directly. Recently we did a trial run with a client and this is what he had to say:

JRZ Suspension Engineering BMW racecar

I just bought a new set of shocks, what do I do? Part #2B

Part # 2b – Starting From Scratch In Part 2a– We went over setting up your new set with some recommended settings. Sometimes a set of clicks isn’t available; you’re trying a new valving, running a solo effort, or dealing with a brand new car. Maybe you pissed off your shock engineer and you’re on … Read more

JRZ Suspension Engineering BMW racecar

I just bought a new set of shocks, what do I do? Part #2a

Part # 2a – Get a Feel For It In Part 1 – We went over hitting the basics on your chassis to begin setting up a new set of shocks. We’ll start here assuming you have that sorted out to a level that allows us to move forward. So in summary: Your tire pressures, … Read more